Global Wings-Nepal's No.1 International Airhostess Training

Global Wings-Nepal's No.1 International Airhostess Training

Global Wings is Nepal's No.1 International air hostess training institute which has been giving services since 2012.

  •  9001:2015 ISO certified company.
  •  Licensed with No 111688/69/70 & registered account No.601117770.
  •  Located in Putalisadak, the heart of Kathmandu.
  •  Recognized as a pioneer and innovator in air hostess training in Nepal.

We offer ICAO, IATA and CAAN certified courses. Also, the training includes both theoretical as well as practical knowledge along with flight experience. It delivers careful attention to the details of students and has a strong focus on delivering training courses that meet the specific needs of the students with a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Global Wings is one of the best Air Hostess Training institute in Nepal with professional support and services to our students.

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Our Courses


International Airhostess Training

Our training includes both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Airhostess.


Grooming & Personality Development

Appropriate grooming and hygiene is an important part of managing your Image as a Flight Attendant.


Diploma In Airhostess Training

Diploma In Airhostess Training


Familiarization / Inflight Experience

Familiarization (FAM) Flight, is essentially a regular flight lesson where you will be flying under the supervision of a Flight Instructor of Global Wings Airhostess Academy


Swimming and Ditching

Ditching and Water survival training is one part of Initial Cabin Crew training.


Basic Airhostess Training

Our training includes both basic and advance course available.


First Aid Training

We believe that passengers safety is one of the most essential role of a Flight Attendent.


Ground Staff/Handling Training

Our ground operations training aims to create efficiency on the ground through management and operational courses.


Fire Fighting

Being a Flight Attendant is NOT only about serving tea and coffee, the MAIN job is passenger's SAFETY.


Food and beverage

Why food and beverage class is important in aviation industry?

  • Asmita Kumari Majhi

    Asmita Kumari Majhi

    In-flight Review

    I had a great experience at pokhara In-flight. I got both Physical and mental knowledge about our personality in open area. It was first flight as well as first visit to pokhara. It was so fascinating when i saw small houses, forest, temples from window seat of cabin. It became more amazing when the the crew member explained us about where the emergency equipment are located. In pokhara, the service of given by Hotel Staffs was professional and sweet.In addition, Our teachers and instructors were so friendly and informative that they plays main role to make this journey memorable and productive.

  • Sabina Baniya

    Sabina Baniya

    In-flight Review

    Personally, the overall experience was legit for me. Due to weather issues I couldn't enjoy the spectacular views as expected, but it didn't stop me from from enjoying the trip. Even though I have been to the lakeside of pokhara multiple times before. It always felt like I've been there for the first time. Along with the company of all my classmates added more soul to the trip.The food provided provided by the hotel we stayed was truly delicious. The road trip to Kathmandu was filled with the beautiful melodies. Apart from all these fun moment, We got to learn about different aspects of aviation during the flight. I am sincerely grateful towards GLOBAL WINGS for providing us with this life-time knowledge and memories.

  • Prabin Shrestha

    Prabin Shrestha

    In-flight Review

    In-flight was very educational tour where we got real life experience of being Cabin Crew and its responsibilities. We enjoyed a lot where we got to stay at Pokhara and got close to sour friends and teachers. The staffs of hotel welcomed us very warmly and service was so good as well as food was so delicious. Thank You GLOBAL WINGS for providing with us this opportunity.

  • Ritisha Bajracharya

    Ritisha Bajracharya

    In-flight Review

    Overall my Inflight experience with Global Wings was wonderful and full of excitement. Since it was my first flight ever I was kind of nervous in the beginning then the guidance and knowledge provided by our experienced instructors helped me to minimize my nervousness and made me feel comfortable. By observing the Cabin Crew in the aircraft that we were i.e ATR 72, encouraged me more to become Cabin Crew in the future. I got an opportunity to observe everything practically that our experienced instructor taught us theoretically in our classes. I am really grateful towards GLOBAL WINGS FAMILY for this memorable inflight experience. THANK YOU.

  • Shastika Bhandari

    Shastika Bhandari

    In-flight Review

    At first I would like to thank Global wings for the unforgettable journey. This was the first time experience on plane , so I enjoy happily. I enjoy the day with my teachers and friends. I know the things about aircraft. This inflight was amazing and enjoyful. We all stayed at hotel which was very good . Their facilities are perfect and the place where we went is very beautiful.

  • Sabina Tamang

    Sabina Tamang

    In-flight Review

    It was the first time experience on plane so I enjoy this inflight journey. It was unexpected. I really enjoy that moment. It was amazing inflight for me . I enjoy whole day with my friend and teacher. Our teacher are all so friendly. We stay in Mt Kailash esort . It was very beautiful resort .Their facilities are good . I really enjoy that day.

  • Dejina Rai

    Dejina Rai

    In-flight Review

    It was my first flying experience and I was both nervous and excited for my flight. I enjoyed a lot with my friends and teachers as well as i got a lot knowledge and idea about Cabin Crew"s duties and responsibilities. I made a great memories in Pokhara which will remain in my life forever. Thank You Global Wings for providing us this beautiful opportunity and memories.

  • Sujita Upaadhyaya

    Sujita Upaadhyaya

    In-flight Review

    I am thankful to global wings for giving the good flight experience that helps me to gain more knowledge about the aviation field. And I really enjoyed my first flight experience and i liked the facilities given by Resort that we were staying. Thank you so much Global Wings for taking us facilitate hotel where I made a lots of memory with my friends and instructors. After Inflight, now I have much more knowledge than before due to this practical experience.

  • Lasta Shrestha

    Lasta Shrestha

    In-flight Review

    As an Cabin Crew Trainee We got an Inflight experience from KATHMANDU TO POKHARA from our Institute i.e Global Wings Airhostess Training Academy. These two days was so helpful and productive for me including all the students . We got knowledge about flight management, passenger accessibility and cabin crew duties and responsibility through this practical. The inflight was of only two days but we got a lot of knowledge and information. I thank GLOBAL WINGS for giving us this opportunity.

  • Anuradha Shrestha

    Anuradha Shrestha

    In-flight Review

    In my opinion,Inflight was wonderful experience to me as it was my first flight and my first Pokhara visit. I didn't expect that the flight would be this enjoyable. Due to weather issues I couldn't enjoy the spectacular views as expected, but didn't stop me from enjoying the trip. I never felt like I've been there for the first time because the company of all my classmates and teachers added more soul to all the trip.Inflight was more than my expectation and I am sincerely grateful towards "GLOBAL WINGS" for providing us with this life-time memorable memories.

  • Hasana Shakya

    Hasana Shakya

    In-flight Review

    In my opinion, Inflight was wonderful experience to me as it was my first flight and my first Pokhara visit. I didn't expect the flight would be this enjoyable. This Inflight made mecloser to my classmate and made me understand them. Inflight was path to know about the aircraft how Cabin Crew check all the flight details and make passengers comfortable so on. Overall this Inflight was much more than I expected. For this memorable experiences I thank GLOBAL WINGS with all my heart.

  • Prakash Dhami

    Prakash Dhami

    In-flight Review

    My inflight was wonderful experience. It was my 2nd flight and my first Pokhara visit. Inflight made me closer to my classmate. It also made me know about the teacher. How we cabin crew check all the flight details and make passenger comfortable in the flight. The food was nice and travel was enjoyable and memorial.

  • Swastika Thapa

    Swastika Thapa


    I had a great time doing this course and everyone involved in the GLOBAL WINGS has made it a great experience.

  • Saleena Meeya

    Saleena Meeya


    I would like to thank you global wings that they have created zest and Hope and motivated to me perform how I have wings to fly and I can achieve my dreams. Thank you again global wings of air hostesses training,the word No.1 to give me wings to fly.

  • Prava Kanaujiya

    Prava Kanaujiya


    Everyone has a goal for their future. In the current context, the dream of most is to become a CABIN CREW. Meanwhile, people with the same dream have two principles.One is those who want their dreams to come true and the other is those who want to achieve their goals. Those who want to fulfill their dreams imagine that. Those who want to achieve their goals work hard.GLOBAL WINGS is for those people who work hard and want to achieve their goals. GLOBAL WINGS is the organization that started the future of CABIN CREWS. So today I am proud to be a student here.

  • Khusbu Kunwar

    Khusbu Kunwar


    With a friendly environment and very helpful teachers my experience in global wings is going very good. It is one of the best institute of Nepal. I am glad to be a part of global wings. Everything here is well conditioned and well managed. It's the best place to achieve our goals with proper guidance and friendly environment. I also recommend other students with same dream to join global wings.

  • Norsang Yang

    Norsang Yang


    My experience in global Wings is going very well.Teachers and environment is very nice. I feel great to be a part of global Wings. Everything about global Wings are soo well managed.I also recommend other students to join global wings to achieve their dream.

  • Sushmita Bhujel

    Sushmita Bhujel


    Love every minute studying and gained great knowledge looking forward to life as a life coach and being part of changing lives for the better.

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